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We won!

We are so proud to be the winner of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Experience Award!  We were in the company of so many amazing businesses that provide outstanding experieinces every day in Ontario.  "This award recognizes an Ontario organization. group or business that delivers an authentic consumer experience showcasing the best of Ontario food and beverage.  The Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence are a celebration of success and an opportunity to recognize those who have made significant contributions to Ontario’s tourism industry. These awards are jointly presented by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation, and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. The Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence are divided into three categories: Tourism Industry Awards of Excellence, Tourism Marketing and Travel Media Awards of Excellence, and of course, the Culinary Tourism Awards of Excellence." We certainly couldn't do it without all of our partners.  We share in this award with so many outstanding hospitality professionals.  We couldn't have a more fun job!  Thanks to those who have joined us and thank you to those who will join us this season!  

Photo of Kimberley Gunning and Steven Lovelace, co-Owners of Niagara Culinary Tours

The team at Oban Inn